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1 Week advanced training at BOSCH Ltd, Pune

Students of Faculty of Design and Innovation attended a 1-week advanced training at BOSCH Ltd, Pune. The training covered the electronics systems that are used in an internal combustion engine. The students were given an in-depth knowledge of the various components of an internal combustion engine through interactive sessions that covered both the theoretical significance as well as the practical implementation of the various systems in an engine like advanced fuel injection system, ABS, EBD, ESP,TCS and various other sensor systems used in automotives. The students also learned about the fuel supply systems for the gasoline and diesel engines. The students were also briefed about the design cycle of the various components into the assembly and the concurrent testing that are deployed to check for the product quality assurance. The testing of the engines was also taught to the students and how the various resulting parameters are being used to judge the engine output based upon the simulator testing.Students found this training very useful and knowledgeable.

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