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The program BA Honours School in English aims to encourage enthusiasm for English through engaging students with a significant range of literary genres and texts from the British Isles, the US and other speaking communities.

The study of literature will be considered as the entry point for students to critically examine the world they inhabit. This program deepens the interaction of the students with the larger issues of our times and society. The approach of the Program is inter-disciplinary in the hope that students Under-graduating in Honours School in English will develop a holistic perspective not only of literature but also of other related disciplines such as History, Sociology and Gender Studies.

This prestigious degree program develops employability skills in the fields of Education, Advertising, Human Resource Management, Journalism, Print and Electronic Media, Copy Writing, Editing, Language Training and Tourism, while serving as a strong foundation for Master’s Degree in English and an added advantage for students preparing for competitive exams like IAS, PCS, ICS, IFS and even IELTS and TOFEL, etc.


• Professor
• English Teacher
• Civil servant
• Author
• Editor
• Proof- editor
• PR officer
• Customer Relation Manager/ CRM
• Freelancer
• Tutor
• Content Writer
• Travel writer
• Front Office Manager