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Directions in Production Engineering Research – Part IV

The concluding Part IV of this series attempts to connect capability and ambitions of next-gen manufacturing to next high of interconnected processes and enterprises engulfed through a systems approach, where connectivity of resources will be provided industry wide through internet.
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Computer Graphic

CG (Computer Graphics) – Generated

The trend for mixing CG and traditional effects reached its zenith this year with the release of Laika Studio’s Boxtrolls. While a stop motion film, using traditional photography, CG and VFX tech was used extensively throughout the production pipeline from VFX either as...
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Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality – All bits are equal

A buzz that we have been hearing lately about Net Neutrality or Net Equality is based on the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISP) and governments should treat all data on the Internet as same without discrimination or charging differentially by user, which means that...
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Engineering, at another Helm of a take off

When ambitions start flying, it is only the engineer who provides her wings. But such wings are woven both with likes of hard ribs and fibers making say ailerons in aero planes, together with the soft concepts that provide them the due strength and elevation. While scientists may...
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