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GNA University is a leading provider of CAD / CAM expertise. The University has an outstanding heritage of industrial excellence and offers superlative opportunities for learning. Our significance in the automotive industry worldwide enables us to assist students with hands-on professional training and placements in leading organizations and industries the world over.

CAD (Computer Aided Design)

CAD Is a system of automatically producing finished products by using computer controlled production machines.CAD and CAM work together such that the digital model generated in CAD is inputted to the CAM Software packages. CAD systems enable engineers to view objects under a wide variety of representations to test these objects by simulating real time conditions. It is an integration of Mechanical and Computer technology to aid in design processes like Modeling, Assembly, Drafting, Die Design, Tool Design, Sheet Metal Analysis of products and is widely used by engineers in fields such as Mechanical, Automobile, Production, Plastic, Aeronautics etc. to design and develop the complete product on the computer before actual production begins.

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

Involves the use of Computer hardware and graphics software to generate design .Modern CAD equipment enables the designer to quickly produce very accurate and realistic images of products to be manufactured. In combination with CAD, CAM provides fully associative, integrated tools for product design. CAM uses the same CAD geometry to generate tool paths to ensure the part one machines is the same part that has been modelled. Tool path and machine simulation and verification in CAM help manufacturing engineers quickly improve CNC program quality and machine efficiency.


  •  To make the students more inquisitive.
  • To equip the students with the required skill.
  • To create an academic process that enhances Problem Solving approach.
  • To make the students more employable.
  • To make responsible citizen.
  • To bridge the gap between traditional education system and the current industrial requirements.
  • All along the program tenure, the students will be given a sound exposure to the current trends and technologies and they will get multiple opportunities to work and learn the technologies practically.
  • Design Automation with Digital Manufacturing process.


Our Students are getting shop floor training in different departments i.e

  • Heat Treatment Deptt.
  • Forging Deptt
  • Engineering Deptt
  • CNC Machine Deptt
  • Dry cutting shop
  • EDM & CMM Machines etc


M. Tech, B.Tech or Diploma in Mechanical or Automobile or Production engineering or equivalent.


Completion of “Certificate Program in CAD/CAM” enables a student to work in the following fields:

  • Part /component body design in different types of Automobile, Aeronautic, Home Appliance and Toy Industries.
  • Advanced hybrid and behavioral modeling of components.
  • Shape design and sheet metal works of automotive, aerospace, marine, medical equipments and engineering components.
  • Sheet metal works from small to large components in Power Sector Industries.
  • Assembly and detailing of large assemblies for line production and batch production for the products.
  • Design analysis, optimization and validation using high end CAD/CAM/CAE Softwares.
  • Rapid prototyping in Additive manufacturing processes for new product development.
  • Flexible working upon product development using reverse engineering concepts and Data Migration on multi-CAD System as well as 3D inspection.
  • Mold design and mold flow analysis for specific components.
  • Product Lifecycle Management System (PLMS), Product Data Management (PDM) and Computer Integrated Manufacturing(CIM)