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This Program aims at producing highly qualified, efficient technicians capable of meeting the requirements of the basic level of the Civil Engineering field. During the Program of study, the student is exposed to various subjects of Civil Engineering such as Planning, Drafting (both manual and computer –aided), Surveying, Estimation & Costing, Construction Technology, Basics of Highway, Railway, Bridge, Airport, Tunnel and Harbour Engineering. The Program also offers adequate exposure to Reinforced Concrete Structures, Quality Control, Material Testing, Construction Management & Entrepreneurship, Professional Practice and Office Procedures. Students also get a feel of Extensive Survey, Building Drawing, Irrigation & Bridge Drawing and Structural Engineering Drawing. Students are also exposed to software like AUTOCAD & STAAD.


1. To prepare students for successful careers in Indian and multinational industries/companies engaged in structural engineering, Geomatic engineering, transportation engineering and the related fields.
2. To develop the ability among students to understand and synthesize data/information and technical concepts for application to product/system/process design.
3. To prepare students to be able to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary projects involving professional ethics and codes of professional practice.
4. To develop the ability among the students for taking research/teaching assignments.


10th with 50 % marks


1. Site Engineer
2. Surveyor
3. Small unit designer (Household buildings, Workshops etc)