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GNA University’s Faculty of Engineering & Technology presents a wide spectrum of opportunities for both students and industry as well. An exceptional learning experience through latest curriculum and practical approach enable students to stay ahead in this highly competitive subject.


Programs Duration Minimum eligibility with 50% marks in qualifying examination
Post Graduate
M. Tech – Mechanical Engineering 2 Years B. Tech Mechanical
B. Tech – Mechanical Engineering 4 Years 12th Non Medical
B. Tech – Electronics and Communication Engineering 4 Years 12th Non Medical
B. Tech – Civil Engineering 4 Years 12th Non Medical
B. Tech – Automotive Engineering 4 Years 12th Non Medical
B. Tech – Mechatronics Engineering 4 Years 12th Non Medical
B. Tech – Aerospace Engineering 4 Years 12th Non Medical

    The discipline of engineering is to create a better future for all, through (i) providing manufactured products, say computers, mobiles, motorbikes, pendrives, cookware, TV’s, trucks, aeroplanes, railway tracks, or the bridges. Engineers truly make a nation SMART. The engineering education at GNA university – revolves around delivering a unique learning experience to our student by a more practical oriented approach at the stance of GNA group of industries with a 60 years of manufacturing. Our goal thus, of solving practical problems, is realised through investigation @ scientific knowledge, gained through development and deployment of technologies. The commitment to solve societal needs and wants is the forte of engineers.

  • To uniquely position the Faculty as a leader in innovation and excellence in Engineering.
  • The Faculty of Engineering provides its graduates with top quality education in engineering and preparing them to practice their professions competently to meet the ever-changing needs of society. Excellence and diversity in research and build on our strong collaboration with industry. The Faculty encourages a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst its students To provide a learning environment that promotes excellence and innovation, ethical practice and responsibility towards society.

    1. As a professional faculty, we are individually and collectively committed to the codes of ethics that govern the engineering professions.
    2. We place students at the core of our educational mission;
    3. We strive for excellence in research;
    4. We are committed to a culture built on respect and fair treatment of the individual and to equal opportunities to our students and personnel;
    5. We adhere to and demonstrate honesty and integrity in all the activities in which we engage;
    6. We are committed to the highest standards of personal honour, fairness, and trustworthiness;
    7. We maintain independent judgement and avoid all conflicts of interest.