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faculty-langThe Faculty of Languages at GNA University is designed to foster education for leading roles in the global community by sticking to the language, which is the starting point of knowledge. The Faculty of Languages educates students for a well-developed program of studies, to evaluate ideas and values from a humanistic and a theoretical/critical perspective. Along with the in-depth study of the culture and literature of other lands and times, language studies are integrated with the various fields of linguistics. Thus, understanding language in all its forms, styles, and uses ultimately leads to successful cross-cultural communication and more authentic relationships among people. The aim is to produce graduates who are sensitive to the needs of the world community, open to exploring new ways to improve life, and ready to approach problems with an intercultural perspective. The Faculty of Languages is also home to the new inter-departmental program of BA Honors School of English.


Programs Duration Minimum eligibility with 50% marks in qualifying examination
BA Honors in English
3 Years Graduation Any Stream
MA English
2 Years 12th Any Stream
Certificate Program in English Language
1 Year 12th Any Stream



Intellectual skills

  • Exercise critical judgment and undertake sophisticated analysis.
  • Argue persuasively.
  • Approach problems with creativity and imagination.
  • Develop the exercise of independence of mind, and a readiness to challenge and criticize accepted opinion/


Practical skills

  • Write well in a manner which can be adapted for a variety of audiences and contexts.
  • Engage in oral discussion and argument with others, in a way that advances understanding of the problems at issue and the appropriate approaches and solutions to them.
  • Ensure that a range of evidence and opinion can be brought to bear on a problem, and to develop research skills to this end.
  • Employ advanced language skills in oral and written contexts.


Transferable skills

  • Find information, organize and deploy it.
  • Draw on such information to consider and analyze complex problems, in ways that are imaginative and sensitive to the norms and traditions of other cultures.
  • Work well independently, with a strong sense of self-direction, but with the ability to work constructively in co-operation with others.
  • Structure and communicate ideas effectively in a variety of written and oral formats.
  • Plan and organize the use of time effectively.
  • Employ language skills at an advanced level.