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M.Tech Quality Engineering and Management program caters the students to develop the engineering skills to next level engineering. This program provides students the information and methods to improve and enhance the delivery and quality of goods and services. The concentration of the program is the accomplishment of execution incredibleness in assembling and business forms using cutting edge quality change strategies. This program furnishes students to become decision makers and strategists, fulfilling production, commercial and technological demands. During the study of this program, students learn about decision and risk analysis, information technology, science management, finance, project management, optimization, lean manufacturing, supply chain management and various other functional areas of management. Students not only learn theoretical experience but also practical experience in real world projects.
After the culmination of the program, students get to be ready to add to the part of making worth in an association and are outfitted with the capacity to apply advanced quality systems and methodology to take care of issues and upgrade the quality of goods and services, to diminish waste and enhance value to the end customer. This program is identified with comprehension, development ,improvement and usage of frameworks including individual and other sources.
During the study of this program, students learn about the various the methods to manage and ideal usage of resources available by applying mathematical and engineering tools. The principles inspected in this program are applied to a wide assortment of industries. It incorporates skills training that recognizes the needs of the customary assembling and manufacturing base, furthermore gives the proficiencies demanded by numerous technology focused industries.


Faculty members of Engineering and Technology have been well chosen on the basis of their contemporary research, teaching, expertise and experience. International visiting faculty members of famous institutions from all over the world share their exposure and insights to make teaching and learning innovative and interesting. Their rich experience helps students for gaining the world class practical guidance through the various phases of your learning.


B.Tech/M.SC examination with 50 % marks for General Category and 45% marks for SC/ST


2 years


GNA University offers multiple scholarships-Meritorious scholarships, Girl child scholarships, scholarships for minorities by Central Government, Post Matric scholarships under the Ashirwad scheme of Punjab Government


There are a lot of job opportunities in R&D Departments, Consultancy Firms, Manufacturing Industries, Fabrication, Designing, Quality Control, Total Quality Management, Energy Management, Renewable Energy Sources, Purchase Engineers, Technical Sales Managers, Production and Industrial Engineers, Self employment opportunities etc.