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About the Program:

B.Tech in Robotics and Automation Engineering is a four years advanced graduation program that has a prime focus at integrating the advanced knowledge of robotics into the traditional systems with an aim of automation. Over the years, our industries have leaped into better and efficient technologies but the academics could not keep pace with the growth and lead to a knowledge gap.

B.Tech in Robotics and Automation Engineering is an innovative program that focuses the advanced technologies while keeping a strong relation with the primitive techniques for the students to be readily employable.

With a keen emphasis upon mechanical and electronics, the students will be learning about the lean manufacturing techniques and the robotics-based actuation techniques that have gradually become an integral part of all modern industries. Thus for the students, the B.Tech in Robotics and Automation Engineering will open a world of opportunities to blossom their careers.


• Get opportunity to align themselves with the groundbreaking new technologies in the field of Robotics and Automation.

• There is a wide career opportunity to become Process Control Engineers, Automation Specialists, Robotics Technicians  and Robotics Engineer.

• Get to work with top MNC’s using wide Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems for material handling and also in industries employing robots for transportation, metrology and security systems.

• Get the opportunity to work in manufacturing facilities that deploy CAM and CIPP systems for the precision production through automation.

• Get to work in industries benefitting from the CAD technology for product preparation through Reverse Engineering.

• Get the opportunity to work in electro-mechanical involving manufacturing of micro-chips and Robotics Test Engineer for Robot manufacturers.

• Get the knowledge of advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, PLMS etc for better working output in a team of multi-skilled professionals

•Have the opportunity to work in Shipyard industry as it uses high end automation and robotics for operations like welding, heavy lifting etc.

•Get the opportunity to work in the industries using robotic systems for welding, painting, assembly, material handling and many more industrial operations.


12th Non-Medical

Program Duration:

4 Years

Why GNA for Robotics and Automation Engineering?

GNA University is an industry led university and has a state of the art manufacturing facilities to back up for the advanced knowledge imparted through our various programs offered. During recent times, various specializations have sprung up that focus upon the specific needs of the modern society. Among others, the latest big stage entry is the Robotics Engineering. It is basically the amalgamation of all the different engineering together into the development of smart machinery that can understand the situations and act accordingly. Automation is being dynamically implemented in our industries as it saves energy and materials and reduces labor to improve quality, accuracy and precision. Machine emotions are something that is under rigorous development so that the output can be as user friendly as possible. We at GNA have a fully functional flexible manufacturing system that works upon the German technology. The FMS is coupled with the advanced robotic systems is a completely automation based manufacturing package. The students will have detailed practical exposure to learn the robotics systems through our facilities and extensive placement opportunities into various companies benefitting from the Robotics and Automation Technology.