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img_8624 Dr. Prem Kumar

Higher education has been a matter of intense debate globally. In India also, there has been a clamour for an overhaul of the higher education in India. The GNA University design team analysed the higher education scenario across the world to create the “University of 21st Century”.

The GNA University has been designed with the sole purpose of brining innovative thinking in re-structuring higher education. The University aims to “to nurture value based leaders who have knowledge and skills to create success in their organizations. The university seeks to improve the quality of life through eclectic blend of science, technology and humanities for innovative solutions to real life problems. The university is engaged in imparting, creating, preserving and propagating knowledge in the global context”. The University has the following factors built in its DNA

  1. Developing leaders for the future
  2. Innovative curriculum design
  3. Practical, hands on knowledge
  4. Research driven degree programs
  5. Flexible and lifelong education opportunities
  6. Innovative, project based delivery of the programs
  7. Deep corporate engagement
  8. Collaboration with leading universities and research institutions across the world.
  9. International benchmarking

The GNA University is based on sound design principles following the blue ocean strategy. Innovative thinking is the hall mark of our approach to design and deliver programs which are tightly aligned to the market needs. Around the core discipline, we have designed programs like Mechatronics, Big Date, Culinary Arts, Film Making etc. which are aligned to the contemporary needs of the society. The curriculum design of the university is based on the principles of promoting a sense of enquiry, multi-disciplinary problem solving approach, focus on practical education, nurturing transformational leadership and sensitivity to the societal needs such as human values and ecological balance.

We welcome you to the exciting world of GNA University !