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Youth Peace Fest at GNA University

Faculty of ‪‎Design‬ and Innovation Students Organized Youth Peace Fest at GNA University Campus with the help of Youth Peace Foundation Team organized three activities; Art for peace, Write for peace and Talk for peace for the students of Faculty Design and Innovation (CAD/CAM).Team also showed some motivational videos for the students, which they loved and got highly inspired by it. The chief guest of the event was Mr.C.R. Tripathy-Dean,(Faculty of Design and ‪‎Innovation‬) ‪‎GNAUniversity‬.He said that YPF program helped the students to explore the world of peace, humanity and emphasized on its vital importance in today’s environment. Such kind of activities triggered the hidden talent of students & participants. YPF team got good feedback from the students as well as from management who encouraged the team to pursue the same in future.